About 4 Green Doors

Group 718

4 Green Doors was founded in 2012 by Tom and Lucinda Bate. It was inspired by their two daughters while they were studying in Cape Town.

After a year in res they felt they needed a place to call home. Having a safe and tranquil space of their own made all the difference to feeling settled in the new city and getting the grades they were aiming for.

If you’re looking for your own home away from home, look no further...
With the team at 4 Green Doors, you can rest assured that you’ll have a happy, clean and safe environment to embrace the first steps towards your career.

4 Green Doors Sienne


Property Manager

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Property Manager

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Property Manager

4 Green Doors Managers

Vanessa and Wanjiru

Property Managers

Shared student accommodation Cape Town


The Handy Man

Shared student accommodation Cape Town

Vee, Ingrid and Bella


Bate family

"For us, it is a real privilege engaging with talented students with such a bright future ahead of them. With the real challenges of Covid and climate change facing us it can be easy to get disheartened, but chatting to students restores our faith in the future. If we all play a small part we can make a difference. That’s what matters."

Tom and Lucinda Bate

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I View a Property?

We arrange weekly viewings. Please complete your details on the Contact Page and we will get back to you with the next viewing date.

Do I need to be a Postgrad Student?

The majority of our students are postgrads but we welcome any mature students who are considerate and tidy and will be a pleasure to live with.

What Covid Protocols do you have in Place?

All the properties have hand sanitisers at the front door.

Are all Rooms Single or will I have to Share?

All our rooms are single.

Is Electricity Included?

Each unit has its own pre-paid meter. Students pay approximately R350 at the beginning of each month to buy units.

Do I have to Pay a Deposit?

Yes, all students must pay a deposit. 2 month’s rent is standard. If you have written confirmation from a sponsor that they will pay your annual rental but not a deposit we will accept a 1 month deposit.

Why live in Mowbray?

Mowbray is around the corner from UCT and Queen Street is on a regular Jammie bus route making it super easy to get to campus.

Why live in Obs?

Only 5 mins down Main Road from Mowbray Obs is also an easy commute to the UCT campus via Jammie. It has got a colourful history going back to the 1800s when the Observatory was built. The charming Victorian houses attract a mixture of students, young professionals and families who are looking for a village atmosphere where people greet you in the street.

Are the properties secure?

We take the safety of our students very seriously. Every property has security cameras and is linked to Premier Security’s rapid response. Their security vehicles have regular patrols in both Obs and Mowbray.

Is it safe walking home from the Jammie stops?

Jammies stop just outside Queen Street which is great. OBSID offer a fantastic free service in Obs where they shadow anyone who whatsapp them anywhere within Obs. Their security officers respond either by car or on foot and are delighted to assist. We encourage all our students to take full advantage of this amazing service.